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Quality commitment

Halal Certification and Tradition

Quality Commitment

We offer our customers a superior quality service and products. We produce our dry-cured meats only with high quality Halal certified raw materials, specially selected to meet our demanding requirements.

Our products do not contain mechanically separated meat, gluten or soy, and we only use natural colorings. We do not use colourings from animal origin.

We comply with IFS and BRC food safety regulations which let us ensure that our production process complies with rigorous quality control and food safety.

Halal Certification

The production is controlled and certified by the Instituto Halal de Córdoba. Our halal cured meats are produced exclusively with meat from animals slaughtered according to the Islamic rite.

Our production process complies with rigorous quality controls and food safety standards to guarantee the quality of our products. All the raw materials, ingredients and additives that we use

All our products are subject to HACCP standards and to DNA analysis in order to prevent any kind of Haram contamination.


We combine tradition, certified by 80 years of experience, with new advances in food technology.

Since our beginnings in the meat industry, we give special importance to our product recipes with the clear aim: to satisfy our customers’ tastes by adapting our range always with respect to the tradition.

Logo Certificado Halal Oasis de Djerba

Luis Oliveras, S.A. has also the following certifications that ensure compliance with the most demanding food safety requirements:

Producing Cured Meats
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